“I have been very happy with Le’s Academy and the staff. They are able to engage my grade 6 son into learning. He seems to enjoy school more since he started here. I can see an improvement in Math and literacy. I would recommend other parents to try the program out.”

-Kevin N., Parent

“I’ve been to many different places and I found that this place is the best one so far. They care about the well being of their students. They don’t just go by the hours. The teachers make sure their students enjoy the learning experiences. They care about the students well being. I notice that Le’s Academy strive to create innovative cross-curricular program. I am very happy that I found them.”

-Linda T., Parent

“I like how Le’s Academy teachers integrate Science, Math, Art, French and Robotics into their program. My children has been enjoying coming to Le’s. Keep it up!”

-Marissa W., Parent

“Instead of letting our kids staying home to play games, we took them to Le’s Academy. We are very happy that we made that decision as the learning has helped them focus better. It is a positive learning environment where my kids and other kids motivate one another.”

-The Pham Family

“We are very satisfied with the overall program. We are very happy with ourchild’s progress. He has significantly increased his level of confidence and is more comfortable in handling more challenging tasks and assignments especially with math. I believe that your school is well balanced in their approach at making learning fun and interactive So I feel there are no areas to improve upon because we are satisfied with the progress with our child’s learning development which is evidenced in his better test & assignment scores.”

-The Miceli Family

“I think it’s a fun place to learn about lots of things and the teachers explain what you have to do if you don’t know what to do. When I just join Le’s Academy I couldn’t do many things like mixed fractions, division and more. Now I know many things in Science, Math, and English.”

-Duy, Grade 4

“I like Le’s Academy due to the teachers. They are not just tutors; they actually explain and teach you ahead. They are very nice. My marks have been improving greatly since I started at Le’s Academy. The teachers help me with my confusion in Math.”

-Thapinash, Grade 7

“I think Le’s Academy is fun and we get to do our homework. I like the science and robot clubs a lot. The teachers help us spell and learn new things. I also learn things that I don’t learn at school.”

-Livia, Grade 2

“I feel good about this place because it makes me improve. I feel like it is very organized because the schedule is on the T.V. that tell me where to go and when to go. I think it is cool that a lot of kids come here.”

-Tim, Grade 3

“I am happy with the progression. My French, English and Math has been improving. I actually enjoy being at school now. The teachers at Le’s Academy are helpful. The English teacher and I practice writing techniques such as graphic organizer to improve my writing.”

-Yasin, Grade 6

“Teachers are nice because they explain with pictures and singing.”

-Winnie, Grade 1

“I do love Le’s Academy as my tutors. If the teachers at Le’s Academy were my actual teachers then I would understand the lesson better. They break down concepts so that students would be able to understand the lesson easier. Overall, my time at le’s Academy has been very productive and pleasant.”

-Danisha, Grade 9

“My improvements have impacted my report cards at school greatly. My math skills back then would have been in the 70’s – 79’s % range but now my maths are usually in the 90’s – 100’s range. Also some concepts I learned are now easier due to my time at Le’s Academy. Le’s Academy can be very crowded sometimes. My time is productive and pleasant at Le’s Academy. The teachers do care!”

-Bill, Grade 8

“I haven’t been at Le’s Academy for that long but I’ve definitely seen an improvement in school work and more comfortable and get a better understanding of my work. I feel very comfortable because the teachers are nice and always there for my learning.”

-Vicky, Grade 8

“Mr.D and Mr.Le help me with math when I have problems. They try their hardest and double check my understanding. I improved from a 60s student to a high 70 to 80 student. I would recommend my friends to Le’s Academy.”

-Chenglin, Grade 12

“This is the best learning centre that I have been to. The teachers are knowledgeable in their subjects. I took all university Math, Sciences and ended up with a 95% average. The program is affordable and effective. I feel Le’s Academy like a close knit community where the students and teachers can discuss issues outside of academic. I get accepted into Western Ivy League business program.”

-Abdul, Grade 12

Phone: 905-232-0069
1125 Dundas St. East, Unit 226
Mississauga, ON. L4Y 2C4