Many students struggle in chemistry because it requires math and logic. This could  make studying chemistry a challenge if students are weak in those areas. However, anyone can understand the basics of how things work … and that’s the study of chemistry! At Le’s Academy, we help our students conquer this fear by patiently working with them. We rebuild the required mathematical skills as well as make chemistry comes to life with real life application.


Have you ever taken your pet to see a vet? Have you ever drank a cold medicine? The food on your table and the medicine that you take all involve biology. Biology is, simply put, the study of life. Without biology, we would not have doctors, veterinarians, agriculturalists or geneticists. Biology is not all about memorization! At the Academy, we understand that it is crucial to understand the logic behind natural phenomenon, and how empirical evidences are interrelated with one another.


Physics requires applying science theory and laws to a real life scenario. The Academy  provides students with the confidence to relate and understand dimensions analysis. More than just memorizing formulas, the Academy challenges students to understand why formulas were created and how it can be used to make technology today more effective.

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