Le’s In-Home Tutoring

Access Le’s Proven System and Curriculum, In Your Home!

All of our administrators, teachers, and tutors have a passion for teaching, want to make a difference, and preach discipline & resiliency. We will work with you to build a custom education plan and reach your education goals.

Le’s In-Home Tutoring is accepting elementary school, middle school, and high school students for GTA home tutoring sessions on Math, English, French, and Science!

We make learning personal.


How Does Le’s In-Home Tutoring Work?

1) We build and develop a strong Private Tutor roster. 

Le’s In-Home Tutoring finds, trains, and develops Math, English, French, and Science tutors. 


2) We will find a tutor to reach your education goals.

We will assess your education goals and find an in home tutor. They will scheduled up to three 90-minute sessions every week to review school work and enrich learning with Le’s Supplementary curriculum.


3) We will oversee tutoring to ensure your learning success.

Our management team will continuously oversee tutoring services to ensure that we are achieving your education goals. We will collect feedback, adjust education plans, and support student success.



Le’s In-Home Tutoring is Different than Other Tutoring Services

Value Added Private Tutoring
Our tutors will work with your child to complete their homework and to stay ahead of the curriculum by teaching our own proven Le’s Curriculum. Learn strategies to focus, stay organized, and study more effectively!
Stay Up To Date
Our Tutors will prepare monthly progress reports that will be carefully reviewed by our Tutoring Managers to ensure that you stay up to date on your child’s road to academic success.
Family & Friends Group Sessions
We believe in providing affordable education. Bring the entire family or some friends – we accept up to three students within 2 grades for the cost of a single session.


Phone: 905-232-0069
1125 Dundas St. East, Unit 226
Mississauga, ON. L4Y 2C4