We don’t just tutor… we teach!

  • Small classes are individualized and flexible, classes lead by competent, caring, passionate, well-trained and
    experienced Ontario Certified teachers.
  • We create individualized plans and work with students in a group setting to encourage confidence, collaboration, and effective study habits.
  • We work with short term and long term goals to help our students improve their school performance, and ability to work independently and critically.

Our Philosophy

  • Vision

    Le’s Academy is not just a tutoring centre, but also a support centre that brings to students the best of three worlds: Ontario education curriculum, private academies, and also home school education. Given that “Our Goal is to Educate”, the Academy both reinforces school curriculum and teaches ahead. Through our programs, students gain a resilient and confident outlook on their education.

  • Innovative Teaching

    Le’s Academy strives to bring its classes into the 21st century way of thinking. The Academy uses modern technology, innovative lessons, and critical pedagogy being the norm within the classrooms. As a supplement to standard curriculum, Le’s Academy uses case-based learning, challenging contests, and critical thinking projects within the classroom.

  • Differentiated Education

    Le’s Academy creates a positive learning environment through differentiated education. In addition to basic content-based learning, the Academy differentiates education through process-based learning and product-based learning. Process-based learning is where education content is varied depending on the student’s academic performance level. Product-based learning is where education content is varied depending on the student’s learning style. Therefore, since students at the Academy are engaged by learning lessons at their appropriate readiness and interest. 

Class Venue

1125 Dundas St. East, Mississauga, ON.
Unit 226


Teachers are nice because they explain with pictures and singing.


I’ve been to many different places and I found that this place is the best one so far. They care about the well being of their students.


I like how Le’s Academy teachers integrate Science, Math, Art, French and Robotics into their program. My children has been enjoying coming to Le’s. Keep it up!

Marissa W., Parent