Math Pioneers


Problem Solving

At Le’s Academy, we take numeracy seriously. Our goal is to help our students conquer the fear of Math through two steps. The first step is to learn fundamentals  to add tools into their mathematic toolkit. The second step is to build upon these fundamentals with problem-solving skills.  Our students think beyond the box by focusing on why certain tools are used. This prepares our students for their career, as they learn to adapt to different problems through critical thinking.

Financial Literacy

One of the most important application of math is financial literacy. Financial literacy is the ability to understand money. Money can be confusing for many young adults. As a supplement to math fundamentals, the Academy introduces students to complex financial concepts such as budgeting, stock market investments, and taxes.

Real Life Cases

Students often ponder, “what is the point of learning math?”. Many students do not notice that math is subtly all around us. In that respect, math is needed for any career! The Academy exposes students to real-life application of the math skills learned in class. Through case-based learning, students have the opportunity to use their math lessons to solve real-life problems.

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