English / Literacy

Students tend to love or hate English. Not only do Le’s Academy English teachers work to build strong literacy skills, they work to foster an appreciation and love for reading and writing. After assessing the students’ needs and strengths, we work with their interests to develop strong study habits as well as reading and writing strategies. The personal and fun dynamic of our classrooms are welcoming and social, which are also sure to develop a child’s social and cognitive skills in an all-encompassing way.


At Le’s Academy, we not only take English and Math seriously, we also have a fun and engaging French Program! Oh Là Là! Whether your child is in French Immersion or Core French, the Academy explores the cultural aspects of Francophone countries around the world, as well as Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation. Furthermore, being bilingual in Canada is a huge advantage, both personally and professionally. Students will learn the real-world uses and benefits of the French language along with their other studies.

& More

+ ESL, Chinese
+ Reading + Writing

+ Study Skills
Homework Help
+ University/College Preparation

The objective of this program is to help our students to improve their reading and handwriting.

The program is adapted to each age group, starting from as young as pre-school. We provide the basics for those who need it and literacy challenges for those who desire an extra push. The techniques and activities will differ in different classes to ensure that your child gets the guidance they need.

We take the time to…

  • Assess areas of strength and need

  • Create short and long-term goals
  • Create lasting study habits
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