Frequently Asked Questions


How many students per session?

A: Depending on age and skill levels, students work in groups of 2 to 6. The teacher student ratio never exceeds 1:6. Teachers are qualified and Ontario Certified with extensive training in group differentiation and accommodation. One on one is available depending on the situation.


How will I know if my student is progressing/improving?

A: Teachers provide regular feedback as well as bi-monthly assessments. There is also a tracking system for parents to see progress.


Can Students work on school work or is it separate work?

A: This is determined with the assessment. Most students get supplementary work that is in line with their work at school, but if help is needed with school grades that becomes the priority.

Are summer programs available?

A: Yes, we are currently looking at creating a multidimensional and effective academic part time and full time program for the summer.

What makes Le’s Academy different from other tutoring centers?

A: We are not just tutors, we teach! Le’s Academy looks to offer quality at a reasonable price. We are caring, experienced teachers who want to make extra help available and beneficial for people of all economic situations. Differentiated Instruction is at the heart of our program.

What is your mission objective(s)?

A: Our mission objective is to Educate. We constantly keep pace with new educational theories, research to develop new innovative programs. We believe that the success of our students cannot alone be measured academically. We try to foster characters, the love for life-long learning for our students.

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Phone: 905-232-0069
1125 Dundas St. East, Unit 226
Mississauga, ON. L4Y 2C4